Dr. Lawrence Jaeger is an experienced Dermatologist with thirty years experience as the founder and Chief Medical Director of Advanced Dermatology Associates, a network of Dermatologic treatment centers in Manhattan and The Bronx. Dr. Lawrence Jaeger and his team of Physicians and Physician Assistants treat Dermatologic diseases by addressing the underlying root cause and not just addressing the symptoms. This has proven to be the most effective treatment method as it is the only one that can prevent symptoms from re-appearing.

Lawrence Jaeger graduated with honors from Rutgers University and attended medical school in Missouri before returning to New York to complete his medical training with an internship in surgery at St. Barnabus Hospital, and affiliate of Cornell Medical Center/New York Hospital where he also served as Chief Resident. He is a board certified Dermatologist who has successfully treated thousands of patients suffenring from many different skin disorders ranging from acute acne to melanomas.

Not only does Dr. Larry Jaeger provide healing Dermatologic treatments for thousands of patients each year, he also provides essential Healthcare management services for physicians and other healthcare providers that benefit from his business acumen.
Prestige Healthcare Management Group provides medical management services for a wide range of medical professionals and Healthcare related businesses. Founded by Dr. Larry Jaeger in 2002 they are committed to providing superior healthcare management services to ensure clients are able to treat patients properly and efficiently while leaving the time consuming tasks of business administration to our team of experts.
Larry Jaeger has a unique approach to multi center private healthcare marketing strategies. Relying on a foundational approach commencing with demographic research and business model analysis it encompasses management of finance and accounting, payroll services, human resources, investor relations and legal support. Prestige Health’s adherence to comprehensive medical compliance policies for billing ensures clients that their corporate integrity remains intact.

Core Services include:
Medical Real Estate Management
Medical Real Estate Acquisition and Investment
Electronic Medical Records Utilization
Medical Billing Compliance Training and Management
Financial and Account Management
Payroll Services
Human Resources
Investor Relations
Legal Support